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Tint Mint - Full Res Photo Editor by Jeffrey Sun


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Larry Zasitko
iPad (Generic)
Tint Mint - Full Res Photo Editor by Jeffrey Sun


Universal app
Released 12Apr2014, one update 21Apr2014
Currently $0.99

Tint Mint - Photo Editor

- Saves in full resolution
- Can save photo’s EXIF & metadata
- Undo & redo buttons
- Ability to zoom & edit
- Load a photo from albums or camera

11 BRUSHES (for facial spot-editing)
- Whiten: brightens your smile/skin
- Smooth: removes blemishes from your skin
- Reshape: thins your face & body
- Accent: adds contrast to shadows
- Enlarge: makes your eyes bigger
- Tones: matches your skin/lip tone
- Sharpen, Darken, Saturate, Grey, Blur

- Freeform, fixed, square
- 9:16, 5:8, 2:3, 5:7, 3:4, 4:5 aspect ratios
- Rotate, Flip & Straighten

- Brightness, Contrast, Saturation
- Temperature, Exposure, Gamma
- Vibrance, Sharpness, Shadows
- Grain, Colors, Vignette

- 7 color filters, 3 black & white filters
- Adjust the strength of each filter
- 24 more filters available in app

- 10 Light leak textures
- Adjust the strength & positioning of each texture
- 20 more textures available in app

- Instagram & Facebook direct sharing
- Email, Copy & paste, Print
- Open in other apps
- Low, medium, or full resolution

* Only on the App Store
* No in-app purchases are required for all core features

This app is a good editing app and does work with and save images up to 4096x4096.

Most commonly used basic editing tools are in this app and in general all are easy to understand and use. It does have some tools that most other photo editing apps are missing, the tools for blemish removal, reshaping etc.

The basic app comes with 10 filters and 10 textures all are well done and all filters can have the opacity adjusted. Textures all have opacity adjustment as well as rotate in 90 deg steps and flip. This is nice to see as you can get the image and the effects the way you want them.

Where this app differs from other apps is how you get additional filters and textures. This may be something that some people will like but may bother others. Getting other filters or effects requires stars. Filters cost 20 stars per filter and there are 24 additional filters available. Textures cost 15 star per texture and there are 20 additional textures available.

There are in-apps to buy stars:
100 stars for $0.99
210 stars for $1.99
550 stars for $4.99

There is however ways to earn stars at no cost.
When you start the app it has 100 stars included.
1 star every time you save an image in the app.
10 stars if you Like the developer on Facebook.
10 stars if you Follow the developer on Instagram.
5 stars if you share an image on Facebook.
5 stars if you share an image on Instagram (doesn't work for IG right now)
90 stars if you rate/review on the App Store (doesn't work right now)
90 stars if you shout on Facebook (also doesn't work right now)

When you share to IG on my iPad you get a little bubble that opens and all you see is the top edge of the icon. You can still scroll the icon up and pick it. Same thing is you share to more.

The only other issue that I had was the app crashed every time if I had turned exif data on and save.

I have been in contact with Jeffrey Sun on Facebook so he knows about the issues and is working hard to fix them.

There are a couple of things I would like to see added to the app.

Tilt/Shift both linear and circular.

More textures that are either materials or grunge. Currently in the ones I have there is only one that shows a noticeable grunge texture. Now I don't have every texture, yet :)

Borders or frames. I would like to see both Black and White ( or cream).

Ability to save your own stacks of effects.

I would also like to be able to stack filters or textures. Currently any image can only have one filter and one texture so to add more you have to save the image and load it.

Save in either tiff or png format would also be good to have

I like the app a lot and I am not bothered by how you get other filters or textures. I also have his other app Modern Editor - Design Lab and have used it since it to was a new app and when I saw this app I had to try it.

As always I will send a link to Jeffrey and invite him to join us here.


Original image taken with TaruCamera


Original image taken in 645 Pro II


Original image taken with VividHDR


Original image taken with 645 Pro II


Original image taken with 645 Pro II

Only filters/textures from Tint Mint were used


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For a GREAT editing option app just been looking at Filterstorm Neue. Very sophisticated