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RESULT : TWAC #2 Pixlr (01-14 Dec)


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I'd be up for revisiting pixlr again myself.

Additionally, since giving the play store the old heave ho, I've found new places to get apps and old versions of apps and apps that have been mentioned in threads over the last 3 years that are on iOS.
Didn't MsDee have a comprehensive list of apps somewhere? I could do with checking it out again.

Also, because of having to reset my phone a couple of times and using ImageArt's Huawei as my full time phone for a few weeks, I've been collecting all those apps and storing them on my PC. For those of us on android, if there's an iOS app that can't be obtained from the Play store, I might have it or an older version (like toolwiz which is now crippled by GDPR requirements) or can find it and share it with the group. The rizole apk store FTW.
Haven’t updated it in a while... but here is the link ;) Good reminder for me to review...



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Haven’t updated it in a while... but here is the link ;) Good reminder for me to review...


How many times since I have been here at MobiTog has your little list been a blessing, Dee ?!? :notworthy: :inlove:
That, richardcb ’s Hipsta Trello Board and terse Help files (until Smooth went and changed the whole system :lmao:)

Do we have any other little infographic/list/shortcut gems hidden away??