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Dolly is a Traveling Ewe with a taste for adventure, and one of the original MobiBabes :mobibabe: She's been stuck at home for awhile now, keeping me company, but she's been yearning to continue her adventures again. So, after some discussion, Dolly is going on a World Tour of the MobiVerse!!!

Some background information on Dolly:

She started out in the beautiful Land of Ludlow, spied by our ever-adventurous vixenscry. Check out her beginnings HERE. Be sure to scroll through the thread as she made her way to quite a few interesting destinations. :sneaky:

MobiPeeps started tracking her journeys HERE by sharing postcards.

She traveled from Texas to Kentucky and stayed awhile with lamkentucky... check it out HERE.

Dolly wants to visit as many MobiPeeps around the world as possible, but being four-footed and hooved, she needs our help.

I'm thinking we should set up a Travel Itinerary here in this thread. Then I will securely wrap up Dolly and send her out to one of our Dolly Hosts. That person will document Dolly's visit and post up the images here. Then, Dolly will be sent to the next Host, and so on. This way we can help facilitate Dolly's Dream of visiting all of our lovely MobiPeeps around the world!!

See all of her travel photos in the Gallery HERE.

So, who wants to be one of Dolly's Hosts?? :sneaky:
I figure once we get her itinerary started, we can PM our mailing address to the Host we'll be sending Dolly to. [emoji574]️
Excellent idea Cat... :notworthy:

It will be fascinating to see where Dolly will go on her travels around the MobiVerse... :thumbs:

I suppose it will make sense to try and keep the postal travels to a minimum and arrange the itinerary for a logical progression around the Globe accordingly... :coffee:

Once the travels are set, if anyone else joins in once she has set off, I suppose we can re-circumnavigate... :D
New Jersey ------->
  • Jeffrey, Georgia
  • Valeri Gail, Texas
  • Lisa, Texas
  • Leslie, Santa Fe, NM
  • Mel, Oregon
  • Ted, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Tara, San Bernadino, CA
  • Ann, Hong Kong
  • Christer, Sweden
  • Jilly, England
So here's Dolly's current itinerary, which is flexible as we get more Hosts signed up. :D

She is beyond excited and is already getting packed and ready to go. I'll just need ValeriGail to PM me her mailing address.

I'll miss Dolly, but am excited to see where her travels take her.

Edit: Looks like dscheff Jeffrey is now first on the list! :thumbs: Please PM me your address.
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