Wrecking Yard


If anyone would like to wreck this, please feel free. I hope it inspires.
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If anyone would like to wreck this, please feel free. I hope it inspires.

Could someone volunteer something in counterpoint? IE something green or plant/floral but not a green jug of flowers? Something wild to that domesticated? Something similar in one way and different in another?
Just a thought. Juxtaposition is one of my favourite words. In fact, I made a poster of it once o_O :mobibabe: :D
Jilly, loved your photo so had to do something with it. Not sure my interpretation of wrecking really worked!
Superimpose and iColorama

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Do you know Ann I had you in mind when I posted that vase of flowers. I thought to myself "How can I lure Ann into this thread? What bait shall I use?". :D This is lovely. It's like looking down into a vase.
Ted's gate and his leaf in water (well that's what it looks like to me :)). Combined in Union with added circles in Fragment.


I rotated the gate to fit its shape to the leaf. As soon as I saw them both I thought of this combo. Thanks Ted :thumbs:.
John's tree roots and Ted's 2001 Space Odyssey erection type thingy.

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Union, Snapseed crop. Please feel free to use all of these for wrecking.
Very apocalyptic. Civilization and its buildings have been smashed, roots and vines have grown over the wreckage, and permanent underground fires burn in the night.
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To be more precise, the circles in JillyG's mix are not only interesting in themselves but also help to break up the long lines of the gate, which makes the result look more abstract (to me).

Yeah Ted, it wasn't just a happy accident (;)), it was what you said :lol:.
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