Younger’s Project 365 - 2022

Week 26
So this image marks many transitions.

Transition to the 2nd half of the year. To my birth month :whistle: to my switching from the daily challenge to the weekly one.

I’ve been flat out with work, working 5 days a week in 3 different places and consequently having 3x more work to do at home. I have been taking daily photos but don’t have the energy or time to edit them, let alone to interact properly with all of you. So I decided to start posting only once a week. I hate “giving up” on anything but things changed at the beginning of the year and I feel I can’t keep up anymore.

And the best transition of all: the start of our new house! Building starts this coming Monday, finally! I know there’s a long road ahead but if it doesn’t start then it certainly cannot finish :lol: we’re all very excited. And that of course means I won’t be able to reduce my work load anytime soon :whistle:

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I’m not into editing ether, maybe it’s my “Hipstamatic” upbringing. Congratulations on the new house, we built 10 or more years ago and I think they say you only ever build once for good reason. But the final result was good.
Week 27
Week 29
All good, nothing bad happened but it’s been full on! My stepmum was here for almost 3 weeks and oh the (physical and psychological) baggage o_O
Hope you guys have been well too :inlove:
Native cam, SKRWT
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Your muse is adorable!!! I can’t decide if I like the infection grin in the first one or the colors and perspective in the last, best. :hearteyes:
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