zenjenny Joins the MobiStaffroom... :)


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WE WELCOME TO THE MobiStaffroom - zenjenny ... :notworthy:

Please join us in congratulating Jen, after accepting our invitation to the MobiTog StaffRoom... :thumbs:

We have recently been considering where to take your MobiTog Dot Com and to help us expedite our plans we need to increase the MobiStaffroom to control all of our totally compliant and well-behaved MobiMembers who just insist on playing fair and by the rules, all of the time... :zip:

So, WELCOME Jen, we hope you settle in superfast and adjust to the demands of your new role and many and varied responsibilities... :D

Rog 'n Matt and all your affable MobiStaff colleagues... :rog:
SO HAPPY AND EXCITED to have Jen joining the Staff Room!!!! :inlove: :D :dancing:

I'm break in' out the disco ball!! Bring on the bubbly!! vixenscry start spinning your Abba records!!! WHOOHOO!!!!

Catherine, you really are going to make me show my pics of the Mashed Potato aren't you ?? :rolleyes: You know we could all live to regret it :confused:

And thank you dear RoseCat, dear Venomator Rog and Smooth Matt for the honour :inlove: :notworthy:

And for the trust - I'm ready to assist in the hard work of keeping in line all of the lovely kind supportive friendly members of the MobiTog community

Now. Did somebody mention champagne? :D
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