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  1. TomHH

    Discussion: Are you really confident with clip-on lenses?

    I got some not too expensive clip-on lenses for Xmas as I'd like to play around with it and see if it makes sense to maybe go for more expensive ones. After playing around with them I find most of them not worth the money. Decrease of quality is too heavy, usage is not good (maybe better with...
  2. ImageArt

    Discussion: Accessories for the iPhone 7+

    Now that there is the possibility of an amazing holiday to Namibia in March next year, I want to make sure that I have all the gear that I need/want! Especially with Xmas in the way when I can put forward some options to the DH :sneaky:. I have no good lenses for the iPhone 7+ and still wonder...
  3. liamski

    Slightly OT, Sony QX-10 and QX-100100

    While slightly OT (mods delete if necessary), been using the Sony QX-10 and QX-100 for a while. Basically they are Sony Lenses with sensors in which clip directly to your phone. The phone then becomes the viewfinder for the camera via a WiFi link. Great bits of kit, especially the QX-100 which...