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I may have mentioned this before but in my eye there are only two different types of images, ones that are static and 'of a thing' , the 'thing' has probably been there a long time, i.e. my Notre Dame image this week. I'd say most of my images are 'of a thing' which is fine as sometimes the thing in question may be of interest to someone other than me.

The second type of image is the kind that can truly be called a 'capture', a term oft bandied about. This kind of image captures a brief moment in time, depicting a scene that will probably never occur again. Hence my fascination with 'street' photography.
What a wonderful insight... thank you John... Definitely thought provoking... I do like the way ‘capture’ is used in this context... yes, plenty to think about over my Easter Monday morning cup of coffee.

Cheers all,