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MobiColour RESULT: MC #188 No Theme - September 2-8, 2019


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Hi. U missed something.. open for 2 weeks until rose at is back from her holidays
I think rizole's right. The b/w challenge is going for 2 weeks while Jilly's in France, but this session of MobiColour says September 1-7.
Well, I vote yes. :D Why not? It's not going to hurt anything, and it's the usual way.
I’ve been so caught up with my move, and then not working I forget what day it is... :rolleyes:
Hmmm. Should I pick my faves? I also thought it was a two week challenge, but i guess that was BW.
Yes please... whenever you have time. :notworthy:


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A bit late, but here are the results for the week.

First - Coronation80 for Doing the Run Around. A fantastic catch. Love all the colors of the runners’ apparel and shoes juxtaposed with the colors of the graffiti. What really makes the shot is the one guy running in the opposite direction.

Second - camperbc for Sandy Cove. A lovely capture of the beauty of Fogo Island on a sunny day. (When we visited it was mostly rainy and cloudy but still beautiful, so it’s wonderful to see the blue sky, rocks, water in bright conditions. )

Third - sinnerjohn for Mustard. Simple composition, complementary colors.

Honorable mentions to rizole for Lament & Selfie Fail. Perfect titles!