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Florida Beaches and Sunsets

Sunrise Walk Today at Tampa Bay

Captured and edited with Lightroom Mobile


Gorgeous. The sort of walk I’d take to get to a diner for breakfast. :D
Thanks Jilly!

The original place we used to walk to, middle of our 2-mile walk, is now an art gallery... Found a new diner open early enough, but it's along our drive home after the 2-mile walk. ;)
Wow, and it looks like you’ve caught a Godwit in the sea in your first two. Or maybe a curlew - I can’t see if the beak is curved. Beautiful images as always.
Good eye! It’s an Ibis... I had to zoom in. A few weeks ago after a storm there were hundreds in the park, they were feeding in the grass.

American White Ibis ~ Wikipedia
Last week...

Both captured and processed with Lightroom Mobile on iPhone 8 Plus

Fort DeSoto Sunset


Sunday Sunrise at Tampa Bay - one week ago


Redington Beach

Captured with PhotoShop Camera then edited with Lightroom Mobile on iPhone 8 Plus

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