Image of the Month IOTM June ****RESULT****

#19 Starzee lets call it 'summer in Cayuga County'


Couldn't work out if this was a DE or blurred or what, but I like it a lot.
#27 Geek1956 Kevin The wall at Sydney’s Botany Bay


Named for the wall and/but a classic people shot. Love the way the people frame the wall so neatly. And love the uber casual of the people chatting, shin deep in the water, leaning into a major Australian icon.

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I’ll be back in a bit with a montage.
If anyone posts a last minute nomination, please post three so the numbers are evenly divisible :mobibabe:
IOTM for JUNE is now CLOSED for submissions, but OPEN for VOTING.

Any Mobitog Member can vote, but the least I would expect is that all that have made nominations and all that have been nominated will vote, please.

Vote like this,
#73 - 5pts
#99 - 3pts
#33 - 1 pt

and remember no voting for your own work. Voting will be open until JULY 7th.
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Starzee Star you’re up for the math for the final montage :thumbs:

I had to re-do that above because it came out at 29 instead of 27. Turns out it was because I started that set of 9 at 21 instead of 19. And if I can do that with an easy 3 x 9 . . .
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