Image of the Month IOTM March RESULT

#14 Juryone - or "Turn your head to the right." Strikingly beautiful. This photo really draws you into the still and the motion aspects of it. beautiful texture and light.

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Thank you for your nominations for Image of the Month - March

IoTM is now closed for nominations and OPEN for VOTING.

Three votes each. Please vote for three different images and no voting for your own image!


Voting should be like this:

#92 5pts

#63 3 pts

#43 1 pt

Voting will end on 7th April.

Thanks for Voting!
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13=5 pts
4=3 pts
19=1 pts
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Counting is now being overseen by a special team of invigilators.

Meanwhile, all members can nominate up to four (4) images in April’s Image of the Month here:

Our winner this month is #2: chineezguy Michael’s beautiful BW portrait, “Michael”.


With 28 pts, #2 was a runaway winner.

2nd, 3rd and 4th with 14, 12 and 11 pts respectively:
2nd #14 juryjone Jerry “Turn to the left”
3rd #7 juryjone Jerry “Infrared Elm”
4th #10 terse Ted “Rising from the grave”

A3F11D78-CB5A-49F5-A2D3-B43BC640D1B3.jpeg 4BBC95F6-21C6-4078-A4E8-A40CB329CB42.jpeg 042EEFF1-369B-4BBE-AEFE-934702903F8F.jpeg

Thank you all who nominated and voted :)
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