RESULT MCC #332, ends Nov 26, Theme: Shadows


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Welcome to MCC #332


MCC Rules:
  • Mobile photography colour images
  • Please list device/s and apps used to create your image
  • Winner will choose theme/no theme and judge the next MCC
  • Please see the Rules and Guidelines for MobiChallenges posted HERE
Judge: lkbside
Theme : Shadows
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Silly question, do reflections count as shadows? If a surface is highly reflective it will show the reflected object not the shadow, so technically it is the same thing. Here is an example of what I'm talking about. View attachment 197887
We leave those kinds of decisions up to judge. lkbside Leslie? (I love this image BTW)
Silly question, do reflections count as shadows?
As Star says, for each individual round of the challenge, it's up to the judge, so Leslie has the final word this time. I was puzzling over the same thing yesterday with a photo of some tule reeds reflected on water. I tentatively decided if it showed color, it wasn't a shadow, but I might change my mind this afternoon.
It's Linda Blair from the Exorcist, Madame Tussauds, New York. There were several light sources giving a multi shadow effect, which for this theme was quite apt hehe.
Oh yes! I recognized Linda Blair immediately. I didn’t sleep for two weeks and then only with my light on. :lmao: I just wondered where the image was taken.
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