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MobiColour RESULT: MC #162 Theme Details in Architecture - March 4-10, 2019


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Whoa! That's quite something!
Yes, what Ted said. Exactly. Awesome.
I know. Isn’t it. I only knew about the silo district because one of my friend’s children had a business meeting at the hotel part of the converted silo. I worked for the Town Planning Department of the Cape Town City Council when the Waterfront was first being planned in the early 80s. Much of it is on land reclaimed in the 1930s and 40s and there are shipwrecks buried under some of it!


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Wow. The intricacies . . . So beautiful. I suppose the ‘up’ parts were constructed with such care and artistry bcs the visual trajectory was toward heaven. Suggestive of transcendent soul, do you think, John? :lol:

PS when I saw your ‘hair’ image, and because I know RoseCat loves dreads, I was moved to dig up a picture of mine just before I cut them. They were down to my elbows and got very heavy in an ‘updo’. You can’t really see all the beads and wraps in that light though. Cat, one of the advantages of having dreads in your dotage: granddaughters love to play hairdresser. Some of the wraps my eight year old put in are still there six years later - better than my adult friends’ :D