Mobi365 Jan Gray 365 Project 2023

20th November - Spindleberry Tree in Autumn
We have decided to go away in the motorhome, probably for the last time this year for a few days. Visiting an area not far from home south of Stamford in Lincolnshire but with lots of woodland nature reserves, so hoping for some fungi shots. Sadly not today. We visited a nature reserve called hills and holts which was on the site of a medieval quarry. Very strange site with lots of hills dotted over the land — great fun for the dogs! But took this image of a young Spindleberry tree. The colours looked great against the blue sky.
24th November - ICM & MultipleExposure
Been reading in a magazine article how to do this on iPhone using Slow Shutter App so thought I'd try it then converted into sepia tones for effect. Can be difficult on the eyes at first!
25th November - Twyford Woods
last day before going home. Visited this small woodland near Stamford in Lincolnshire. Called Twyford, but was originally known as the site for a WW2 US and RAF air base. The paths around the site are the original runways with remnants of some of the buildings left being taken own by nature. Took this image, because of the beautiful autumn colours.
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