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B&W RESULT: #150 Black & White Challenge


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iPhone 7
This is the place to celebrate and showcase all of your beautiful black and white images. This is a theme-free zone so, as long as it's black and white, just about anything and everything goes!

The Rules are simple:

1) All images must be taken and edited on a mobile device: a mobile phone, tablet, iPod or iPad.

2) All images must be simply black and white and all of those lovely shades of grey. Beware grunge edits which may add colour. If I notice an image that has a hint of colour I'll let you know so that you can change it and repost. Or I can delete it and you can repost; not a problem.

3) Any app(s) can be used in the making of your image, editing is permitted, but this must be done on a mobile device (see 1) above).

4) Please remember to add a title and a description of your image and what apps were used. We love to know how you did it.

Last entries before midnight UK time on Saturday 2nd November 2019. Judging will take place on Sunday 3rd November 2019 or soon thereafter.

This week's winner ImageArt Ann will be our guest judge for the above period.

Please also see the MobiTog Rules and Guidelines for all MobiChallenges posted HERE.

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Native camera app and Stackables
Love this.


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iPhone Xs

The Glow Festival: Satan's Calliope
(I didn't get to see it in action. In addition to the steering wheel for driving it around :eek:, it has a piano keyboard for playing the calliope. Half of those pipes produce sound, and the other half produce flames.)
Chromatica, Photos, Snapseed
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